Tuesday, 14 February 2012


 Here's a sneak peak at Le Petit Bar. Things are really happening now.

The temporary Le Petit Bar sign

You can see our bar and the back-bar coming together.

Back-bar cabinetry. Floor to ceiling. It will run right into the back corner of the bar. Imagine how great it will look with the library ladder!
Tom behind the bar
Gabe Robinson and Tom Reader are working exceptionally hard on this project for us. They are on it! If you want someone to build or renovate anything I totally recommend you contact Gabe Robinson Contracting.
This is the view from the small kitchen/prep area. You can barely see Gabe (left) and Tom (centre) in this shot.

Picturing myself behind the bar, serving delicious glasses of wine.

The above photos are of the plaster repair Tom did for us. This beam is a gorgeous feature of the space, and was a very welcomed surprise when we removed the drop ceiling. Can you see the white naked plaster on the right of the beam? Before this repair this part of the beam was a complete mess - the plaster and wood had started to fall apart, the rotting wood beam poking through the crumbling plaster. Tom spent hours re-plastering this beam and then made a tool to recreate the moulding. It looks great in these photos, and it looks even better now. Really amazing!

We have lots to do still - paneling, banquettes, tables, all before we can stain, paint and decorate. And I'm about to start experimenting with my own bitters for cocktails, writing the first draft of the wine list, and, of course, more and more recipe testing. Lots more to come...

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  1. Looks amazing guys! cant wait to check it out!!