Monday, 11 June 2012


It is hot out there.

And we have air conditioning in Le Petit Bar :)

This is the beginning of our eighth week open. So far, pretty good. On busy days the space is full of excited energy - people are digging Jamie's great food, the wine list has been well received and the cocktails are taking on a buzz of their own.

We are slowly transitioning into our next list, which will feature some interesting selections, including a Passetoutgrains (blended Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir from Burgundy. We'll be selling one of the best Burgundian producer's Passetoutgrains), Barossa Valley Shiraz, County Merlot, Niagara Riesling, Chablis and Chinon (Cabernet Franc). I feel really good about this list and I'm excited to share some uncommon wines with Peterborough.

Next cocktail list will feature our rhubarb bitters. We'll be keeping the Old Fashioned and Manhattan - so well received they are quickly becoming signature cocktails, made with our LPB bitters. And, we are serving delicious Sangria. Keep your eyes and ears open - we are gearing up to start our weekly Sparkling Wine promo night, offering discounts on our Sparkling Cocktails and opening up some great bottles of bubbles to serve by the glass.

Not surprisingly, running Le Petit Bar is a lot of work. Long hours, long days... I am always thinking about this place. It's great work though. Very rewarding and almost always a lot of fun. I'm missing some every-day things I used to enjoy. Especially now, with the beautiful weather. Things like time to really delve into a book while sitting on my front porch, tending to my garden, making delicious meals at home and enjoying them outside with Roland. But, this is the best job I've ever had. What would I be doing right now if I weren't at Le Petit Bar? I don't know... I can't imagine anything else...

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