Friday, 26 October 2012

Fall/Winter Cocktail List

In anticipation of cooler weather (what a spectacular fall week we've had!), we've introduced our newest cocktail list, full of great fall/winter tipples, hopefully destined to become LPB classics!

Old Fashioned - bourbon, simple syrup, LPB Orange Bitters, orange peel

Manhattan - rye, sweet vermouth, LPB Aromatic Bitters, brandied cherry

LPB Cold Weather Sazerac - splash Pastis, rye, simple syrup, LPB Cola Bitters, lemon peel

Lying Ginger - brandy, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, honey syrup, lemon, LPB Apple Bitters, lemon peel

Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy - whisky, honey syrup, lemon, LPB Apple Bitters, hot water, cinnamon stick

LPB Cold Weather Negroni - cacao-nib infused gin, Aperol, sweet vermouth, LPB Cola Bitters, orange peel

The Real Housewife - vodka, Amaretto, cranberry, fresh squeezed orange, LPB Cola Bitters

Thyme for Collins - gin, lemon, fresh thyme, honey syrup, LPB Orange Bitters, soda

Also now available: Vin Chaud, or mulled wine. Perfect for sipping on a cool day...

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