Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Holiday Updates

Hard to believe that this time last year we had taken possession of 399 Water Street and were preparing to start building our dream.

So much has happened in just one year... In October of 2011 I was plotting my next move - was I going to focus my energy on building my communication writing portfolio, or should I follow my heart and stick with food and wine? In November we decided to pull the trigger on Le Petit Bar, and by December 2011 the space was ours. Now in four months we'll celebrate our first anniversary.

I am not surprised that my years of experience in this industry still didn't prepare me for the stresses or rewards of owning my own business, but it is also a little amazing how comfortable running Le Petit Bar became in a relatively short time.

While I can never predict what every week will bring - what challenges we'll face, how many people we'll serve, if we'll surprise, disappoint or please anyone - it's more routine than I ever expected. I can almost tell what my Monday and Tuesday will be like, and by Friday I know I'll start feeling the weekly burnout, but also start gearing up to brave those crazy weekend nights. Sundays at home are much needed and very appreciated - wish I could say the same for Jamie, who is up and using the St. Veronus kitchen early Sunday morning. His hard work, and the hard work of all our staff, is always motivating.

I'm still trying to sort out if this job is less stressful than I anticipated, or if I'm shouldering such a constant level of stress that I no longer notice how stressful it is... until a problem arises. I mean, either way, I knew that this job was going to be hard but also very rewarding, and that it is.

The five of us, Jamie, Sarie, Katie, Bill and me, who work really hard every week to deliver the Le Petit Bar experience are looking forward to a brief break over the holidays. I can tell you it will be very welcomed by all of us. Please note our holiday hours below. I hope we see you over the next few weeks.

Happy Holidays!

Le Petit Bar Holiday Hours:

CLOSED Sunday, Dec 23 - Wednesday, Dec 26
Open at 4pm Thursday, Dec 27
CLOSED Sunday, Dec 30
Open at 7pm Monday, Dec 31, New Year's Eve - we'll serve charcuterie, cheese, wine, cocktails and beer all night. Please ring in the new year with us!
CLOSED Tuesday, Jan 1
Resuming regular business on Wednesday, Jan 2

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