Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Le Petit Zinc

It's killing me that I don't have a lot to share with you yet. Still being dragged through this permit process! We've been assured that this week it will arrive, and then I'll bombard you with photos of it all coming together.

In the meantime I'd like to introduce you to le petit zinc. (Below is a stock image of a bar with a zinc-plated bar top)

Zinc-plated bar tops are such a commonality of Parisian bars a vins that the bars, often considered the neighbourhood local, are affectionately called "le zinc" by the French. You too can affectionately call Le Petit Bar your local "zinc" because we have some big plans to build a beautiful zinc-plated bar!

This is going to be a really interesting project because we are going to build the bar ourselves. There are some fantastic companies in the world, none in Canada, who design, create and assemble these gorgeous bars but we like a challenge (and we're on a budget). I'm excited to be able to share photos of the bar top coming together as we start building it, but for an idea of how show-stopping these zinc bars are you should refer to Le Select Bistro and La Societe. These Toronto restaurants are homes to some amazing bars. Check out their photo galleries. Le Petit Bar may not be quite as swank, but it'll be your comfortable little zinc.

In two days I'm off to Paris to really nail down details for LPB. I'm going to blog each day I'm gone. Hope you read along.


  1. Looking forward to your daily blog posts!

  2. Hi there

    My client wants to have the same material for a kitchen top (she's French). Did you find out what material it actually is? Because I heard its an alloy of lead and tin (not zinc!) called pewter. Not sure if it is even hazardous for food.

    Any information would be appreciated! Good luck with the design!