Monday, 9 January 2012


  Duck Prosciutto.

Because we're still waiting for a permit (le sigh), and because I can't do much until we actually start building and I can direct the design of the bar, the banquettes, the wall treatments, etc, I'm slowly working on some menu ideas. Et voila:

Test one of potential charcuterie that may make it on Le Petit Bar's menu - here you go: delicious cured duck breast.

I salt-cured this duck and hung it to dry for seven days. The result is pretty good for our first attempt. Feeling confident that we can nail this one.

It will be lovely sliced very thin and served along side some other deliciously salty cured meats and a ballon de vin rouge, or, as I'm enjoying it for lunch, with a simple green salad dressed with fleur de sel, red wine vinegar and good olive oil.

If you can't wait to try it at Le Petit Bar, you should go to 38 Degrees for dinner and order their well-composed charcuterie board.

It occurs to me that charcuterie is not as common a term as I assume it is. I'd like to give you some idea of what you  might be able to expect when you visit Le Petit Bar. Charcuterie is a French term, meaning "cooked meat". It refers to the process of salting, brining, drying and cooking meats (most often pork). The term encompasses sausage, wet and dry-cured meats, smoked meats, forcemeats, terrines (which directly refers to the shape of the dish, but basically includes pate, layered pressed vegetable dishes and what's sometimes called "Cinderella meatloaf" or rilletes - gently cooked ground pork and fat, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices).

Here. Feast your eyes on this.

I took the above three photos from Google.

Next step is to get the meat grinder going and make some sausages and Cinderella meatloaf. Yum...


  1. le petite bar. :) love. xo.

    (katie tompkins)

  2. sounds delicious - and thanks for the lesson, I was not really familiar with charcuterie before! looking forward to visiting Le Petit Bar!
    (miranda warren)

  3. Lovely sounding food!

  4. whoa, duck proscuitto, amazingness!!

  5. le sigh ... wish I try some of your Duck Prosciutto now! ;)